Happy International Archives Day

I’ve been motivated to write my blog to coincide with International Archives Day with is being celebrated on 9th June with the theme the year of democracy.  The blog is intended to chart my progress in digital preservation which is a new(-ish) direction for me. However as an archivist committed to ensuring authenticity, transparency and access to information it’s one which I see as the logical way of taking this work on into the future and ensuring current and future archives continue to maintain these principles.  In fact it underpins the whole democratic process, and the whole business of democracy cannot exist without archivists and information managers supporting its regulation.

“Secrecy, being an instrument of conspiracy, ought never to be the system of regular government.” Jeremy Bentham, On Publicity from The Works of Jeremy Bentham volume 2, part 2 (1839).
However before these weightier matters can be tackled I need to take my first steps in mapping out a digital preservation strategy and my first task has been to survey what other institutions are doing, what kind of policies they have and any interesting or innovative ways in which digital collections are preserved and presented.  It’s given me a great opportunity to spend some time looking at a variety of collections, some of my favourites being YODAL – the University of York’s Digital Library and New York Public Library‘s digital collections. Whilst I was on the “York” theme (there must be something in the name which promotes good digital projects) I found a wonderful set of digitised images relating to the Spanish Civil War held at New York University and made available via their Digital Library Projects from originals held in the Internaitonal Brigade Archives in Moscow.  Lots of other fascinating stuff here as well including the Guantánamo Lawyers Archive.

In the meantime I’ll be following #IAD15 on Twitter for all the best archives and democracy stories from around the world.

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